Long To Reign Over Us


This afternoon, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in the history of Britain. She will overtake her second great-grandmother, Queen Victoria at around 5:30PM (BST), however the exact time she overtakes is not known, given His Majesty the late King passed during the night.

While Presidents, Popes, Prime Ministers have come and gone, it is the Queen who has remained. She has undoubtedly changed the monarchy just like her grandfather before her, and with the birth of Prince George in 2013, she has helped reform and shape the monarchy as an approachable and people focussed institution for many decades to come.

It is quite likely that the Queen may even reach her platinum jubilee, and as she turns 90 next year, Her Majesty is showing no signs of giving up. In 1952 the Queen vowed to God to serve him for her entire life, and that is a pledge she is remembered throughout her reign.

To mark the occasion, Buckingham Palace have released the photograph above, taken in July at the Palace by Mary McCartney, it shows the Queen still hard at work and showing no signs of giving up.

One must also congratulate Prince Philip. He has been married to the Queen for almost 70 years, and has been with her for every step of her reign, it is no wonder the Queen has previously referred to him as her ‘rock’.

It is our undoubted view that history will look back on Queen Elizabeth II as Queen Elizabeth the Great.

God Save The Queen. Long Live The Queen.