Police Receive new information surrounding Diana Death



The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they have been passed information surrounding the deaths of Princess Diana of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed. The pair, along with their driver and protection officer, were killed when the car they were travelling in crashed in Paris in August 1997.

The police are looking at whether the information is credible, and it is not thought that the investigation will be reopened.

Former Met Commissioner Lord Stevens investigated the deaths under Operation Paget. He referred to the deaths as “a tragic accident”.

The new information is being looked at by the specialist crime and operations command. In a statement, the Met police state they are “assessing its relevance and credibility”.

It is believed – although not confirmed that the information was passed to the Met via the Royal Military Police and is based around claims from the parents in law of a former British soldier that the Princess and Fayed were murdered by the British SAS.

The Queen, who is at Balmoral has not issued a statement.

More information about this story can be read here.

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