King Letsie


Head of State: King Letsie III

Head of State since: 7th February 1996

Predecessor: Queen Mamohato of Lesotho (as Regent)

Heir to the Throne: Prince Lerotholi Seeiso

National Anthem: Lesotho fatse la bo ntat’a rona

Information about the Monarch:

The King was born on 17th July 1963. He married Anna Karabo Mots’oeneng on 18th February 2000. Together they have 3 children:

Princess Mary Senate Mohato Seeiso

Princess ‘M’aSeeiso

Prince Lerotholi David Mohato Bereng Seeiso (Heir to the Throne)

Interesting fact:

King Letsie’s father, King Moshoeshoe was dethroned in 1990.

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